1. Understanding the Kinds of Addiction

    Whenever people think about addiction, it is hard to think about any other kind other than drugs. In fact, addiction is a mental fixation based on what stimulates the pleasure centers of certain individuals. Some addiction is easier to spot than others. The effects are the same in that they cause degradation in quality of life.

    Drug Addiction

    Because the most common kind of addiction is to drugs, there is more addiction help of this kind available. Those with something as serious as heroine addiction will be able to go through proven methods to break their dependency on the drug. This will normally include being admitted into a treatment facility of some kind.

    While addiction to marijuana is not talked about too often, it is a problem which bears mentioning. Those who have a serious weed addiction might have trouble with memory or functioning in any capacity unless high. This drug has become such a common part of society that it is generally ignored. It is on par with alcoholism in terms of those who are afflicted with it.

    Other drugs including cocaine and meth have serious signs of addiction which are unmistakable. Getting help to stay off of these are difficult because of the strong physiological and psychological dependence one feels.

    Other Addictions

    Additional addictions include those which involve behaviors which are not illegal. Something like a video game addiction does not break any laws, but it can ruin lives. The time spent playing the games can cause those addicted to playing the ability to hold a job or to maintain any real social contact.

    Losing all of your money in a gambling addiction is a very realistic threat to some. The high of always chasing the win causes many to lose everything that they own. Getting help for some of these kinds of addictions is difficult because most people do not see the harm in a little gambling. With little understanding or support, those with less recognized addictions find it difficult, if not impossible, to eliminate the addiction from their life. It often takes a serious event to serve as a wakeup call.