1. The Very Real Problem with Sexual Addiction

    There are many people who are currently suffering from sexual addiction. It is a problem in which there is an unhealthy approach to sex. These problems are not always associated with those who have a lot of sexual intercourse. It can be addictions to pornography or talking sexually on the internet. All forms cause the addict to lose most of what they hold dear.

    Acceptance of Addiction

    One of the biggest challenges to those suffering from sexual addictions is that it is not a problem taken seriously by most people. It is a joke in the opinion of many who do not understand the addiction. As a result, those who have the addiction will deny that they do. This denial is not only to other people. They will deny to themselves that they have a problem. This leads to bigger problems because the first step to any recovery is acceptance.

    Treatment of Sex Addiction

    The treatment of this addiction is the same as just about any other kind of addiction. It involves going through counseling and getting a support network. It is important that those who have the addiction have people that will recognize what they are doing as addiction. It is also important that they will get honest feelings from those they love. This will give the motivation to make changes in life.

    Going through this form of treatment is difficult because of the availability of material which can either be a trigger or is the addiction itself. Limiting usage of computers where pornography is readily available is impossible for many if they use one for work. This is why having a strong support network is so important. Whenever temptation strikes, help is only a phone call away.

    12 Step Process

    Like gambling, alcohol and narcotics, it is possible to find a 12 step program which deals with sexual addiction. This will help you to go through the steps which will lead to recovery. It will also give you a location in which you can start to build your support network including a sponsor.