1. Learn More about Alcoholism

    Even with so much attention in popular media, very few people actually understand alcoholism. They see it as being an all-encompassing problem in which drinking will lead to losing a job or destroying your life. In fact, this is a psychological dependency which causes people to feel compelled to drink regardless of what damage it is causing to the body or to their life.

    Alcohol addiction is often confused with alcohol abuse. The difference is that abuse simply leads to problems in life. It is not a physical addiction. The only compulsion to drink is just to feel better and often to stop thinking about different things in life.

    Who is at Risk?

    The most common link between people and addiction to alcohol is a family history of addiction. There is no other known cause of what causes a person to go form enjoying alcohol to being addicted. According to alcohol addiction statistics, men who drink more than 15 drinks a week and women who drink more than 12 drinks a week on a regular basis are at risk of developing alcoholism. It is less a dependency on the feeling of the alcohol. It is more that your body will simply become physically addicted to it.

    How to Get Help

    Those who know all of the alcohol addiction facts and want to get help can get the help that they need by going through a alcoholism rehab program. It is important to talk to your doctor before simply stopping. If you have a true addiction, you might get sick if you try to stop without any kind of help. Rather than risking this, you should go to those who know how to maintain your hydration as well as offering you medication which can help you to stay safe.

    Additionally, you will need to accept the fact that you have a problem. This way, you can get the support that you need so that you will not be tempted to drink again. This will help you to regain your life and move towards a longer life free of addiction.