1. How Anxiety Affects People

    There are many people who feel anxiety at one point or another in their life. This is a feeling of being distraught about the things that are going on around you. It is a psychological issue which can cause people to have trouble thinking clearly. It can cause worry and even panic. It has also been known to cause physical problems if it is a prolonged problem.

    Learning the Symptoms

    The main anxiety symptoms go beyond just being worried. It is a fear about things to come and a feeling of extreme stress about what to do. Those who are feeling this might experience headaches or nausea. It can also cause people to feel jittery. The symptoms one is feeling is not always something that they will see as they are experiencing anxiety attacks. This is why it is important that those around those who suffer from this problem understand the symptoms to recognize them and offer assistance.

    Bigger Problems

    Other than just having attacks, it is possible that some people might suffer from an anxiety disorder. This is a problem in which the fear or worry that is felt invades every part of your life. It can include everything from separation anxiety to certain phobias and compulsions.

    The biggest problem that most people find is through the treatment process. Most doctors will use a multi-pronged approach to treatment. This helps in making sure that those who are suffering from anxiety can be able to get the help that they need. Treatments include medication and even psychotherapy.

    Physical Problems

    One of the problems which people face is that they could have other physical problems which are derived from their anxiety. This can include heart problems as well as problems with digestion. Migraines are not uncommon in those who suffer from anxiety for long periods in their life.

    Anxiety can also cause depression which leads to sedation. This can cause those who suffer from this problem to suffer from weight gain as well as other kinds of physical problems associated with depression. One problem which many doctors fear is thoughts of suicide or even of harming others.