1. Helping Others with Their Separation Anxiety

    Missing someone is very different from suffering separation anxiety. This is a form of anxiety which occurs when there is a separation of two people. The separation can cause one party to feel panic about being away from the other person. It is important to keep in mind that while this is most common in parents whenever their child is gone, it is also a normal part of development for a baby. Understanding the causes can help in supporting those who have it.

    Normal Development

    Babies are born with an innate feeling of dependence on their mother. They will latch onto them in their mind as the person who cares for them as well as the person to protect them. Not being around the parent can cause a traumatic fit to develop. This is because it is impossible for a child to rationalize that the parent will come back. For all they know, their mother is gone forever. This is scary and it can cause the child to cry compulsively. As children grow older, it is common for them to move past this and to realize that they can be apart from their parents.

    Separation Anxiety in Children

    Only 4% of children will suffer from this problem as they can start to rationalize that their fear of their parent coming back is unfounded. Some children who may have been abandoned before or who have not been able to develop properly in a mental capacity might still suffer from this problem. They will be distraught whenever their parents or even a favorite toy cannot be immediately found. It is a problem which can be dealt with through child psychology. The problem is that many parents will make it worse by trying to offer too much comfort to their child.

    Separation Anxiety in Adults

    It is far more common to have thus problem in adults at 7%. It can be an irrational fear of losing people that they care about in accidents or other problems just because they are not around. This can be handled through psychological counseling.