1. The Danger Involved with Bipolar and Depression

    There is a very real danger in those who suffer from bipolar and depression. This is a form of depression which has been shown to lead to violence. The violence can be against oneself or against others. It is based on the constant switch in emotions by those who suffer from it. Treatment for this form of depression is extremely difficult. Often those who suffer from this will need to take medication for it their entire life. It is a chemical problem from which there is no cure.

    Being Able to Work

    Many who suffer from manic depression disorder have the ability to work as long as they are getting the medication that they need. It is important to have constant supervision by a doctor. This is because while the manic depression treatment medication has been proven effective, there are several kinds and doses to take. Getting the right balance now does not generally mean that it will stay the same throughout time. Constantly watching the patient will give clues as to whether dosage or kind of medication needs to be changed.

    Danger to Self and Others

    The biggest fear with maniac depression is that there will be a violent outburst. It is a fear which causes many who suffer from this problem to be ignored or left alone. Even with good bipolar depression treatment, there is still the very real possibility that violence can occur at any time.

    The biggest danger is if a patient ever decides that they will stop taking medication for bipolar disorder and depression. This can quickly turn into a fit where they feel that they are being watched or that they do not trust themselves. It is evident whenever a patient is not taking their medication because their mood will be erratic. Switching between happy and sad will be intermingled with bouts of anger or even rage.

    The majority of patients can live on their own and will never harm anyone. There might be issues of intimidation, but actual violence is rare whenever dealing with patients who stay on their medication.