Three Steps to Getting Help

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If you live in the United States and want to go to treatment, call 1-888-925-6427 and get started today.

Three steps to getting help. If you are in active addiction, please read this article:

Addiction has no boundaries and is present in all facets of life.

There are many different elements to alcohol and drug dependency, and it is absolutely imperative that you find the best treatment option for your specific situation. A person suffering with alcohol dependency may not be treated in the same fashion as someone with a chemical dependency problem. There are also individuals who suffer with multiple substance dependencies. Again, treatment may vary. As well, there are also situations that could require very specific medical monitoring and control for withdrawal management. Going cold turkey with some substances could be fatal.

It is absolutely essential to find personal help in your local community. Action on your part is necessary. Remember that effective treatment cannot be discovered by merely browsing online.

Here are three simple steps for dealing with your addiction:

1. Include a Medical Practitioner

Speak to your doctor. If you do not have a doctor, find someone in the medical community at a local clinic or hospital. You will not be able to get into a treatment center without referral from someone in the medical community. Assessments need to be made. If you are sure you need treatment for substance dependency, call 1-888-925-6427 to get started today.

2. Seek Out Local Resources in Your Community for 12-Step Programs

These are free resources of people who share a common problem and have found a common solution. These solutions may be readily available to anyone in communities all over North America. For example, a simple Google search for 12-step program in your community will be helpful.

3. Seek Out Counseling of Some Sort

Whether it is speaking to a street-level outreach social worker, making an appointment with a professional therapist or counselor, or contacting the EAP program at your place of employment, you can make the first step to move yourself in the right direction and find more resources.

Remember, people care. There is an incredible amount of help available. All you have to do is be willing to help yourself. Once you start making the connections with these people, the ball will be in motion and change can begin to take place.


Substance Abuse Help

Call 1-888-925-6427 to speak directly with someone about getting in to a treatment center in the United States.

Three Steps to Getting Help

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